Discussion – EAMES: The Architect & the Painter

Imagine if you had saved every laundry list of the days thoughts scribbled on the back of your receipts, or those loopy directions you sketched up on the back of your napkin at Sunday brunch – and never threw any of them away? We all might have an attachment to material ‘things’, but it’s this relationship to the ‘ideas’ of these things and the uncovering of their essence that reveal themselves on these crude and honest scribblings. Sometimes it’s the quick jot of an inspiration, an observation, a critique, or a revelation that may one day become the seed for a project or vision at some time that’s not then and there, a future blossom. Or maybe not?

As a hoarder of these little scribbles, I tuck them away but keep them close. Then I hide them again. Why? Though my shopping list of filone de renella (bread), prosciutto (meat) and formaggio acidino (cheese) may be of little importance upon my next viewing years down the road, it’s the warehouse of memories that flood my mind and take me down those narrowing streets to the morning’s market to buy fresh; it’s the uneven cobblestones tweaking my ankles that focus my sight on their beautiful moire; and it’s the beautiful rivers edge overlooking the Janiculum hill where I enjoyed that sandwich that later inspired a favorite painting. This is why I keep them – they awaken past experiences that inspire today’s wanderings. They become a time capsule for who I was to who I am now. And not to throw that shopping list under the bus, but I haven’t made a shopping list identical to that for years.. time to go back to Italy.

Do you keep your thoughts?


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