LECTURE | James Cutler, FAIA

James Cutler FlyerWe’re excited to spread the word about this year’s Doug Crowell Lecture organized by the Vermont Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and hosted by BCA:

Searching For True will be presented by James Cutler, FAIA, a principal of Cutler Anderson Architects based out of Washington state. From their website:

Since its founding in 1977, Cutler Anderson Architects has evolved to understand that the ultimate objective of any architectural design is to reveal what is true about all of the circumstances of a project. From place to program, from materials to shape, all components need to be understood and designed into a harmonious whole that reveals each component’s nature. This genuinely rigorous task has been both the focus and the intellectual stimulant of our practice and it is hoped will continue to be our passion in the future. Our ultimate goal on every project is to produce projects that are not only beautiful but also emotionally enlightening.


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