EXHIBITION | Tom Cullins A Creative Life

Tom Cullins_A Creative Life

This retrospective pays tribute to the work and legacy of fourth-generation Vermonter and Burlington-based architect and artist Tom Cullins. As a Principal Emeritus of the notable design firm TruexCullins, examples of Cullins’ architectural accomplishments can be found throughout Burlington’s urban landscape, rural settings across New England, and overseas. A life-long artist as well, Cullins creates artwork prolifically in a variety of mediums.

Tom Cullins: A Creative Life emphasizes the continuous nature of Cullins’ work and explores the thematic connections within the entirety of his creative output. Cullins’ signature use of aesthetic restraint references the De Stijl movement from the early nineteenth century. True to De Stiji, Cullins’ artwork takes a minimalist approach to abstraction characterized by basic geometric forms and blocks of color, while his architectural projects (highlighted in this exhibition through sketches and photographs) draw inspiration from Bauhaus principles. The recent introduction of abstract, three-dimensional wooden sculptures to Cullins’ oeuvre brings his visual language full circle.

For more information, click HERE to visit BCA’s website.


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