LECTURE | Lessons from Detroit: Architecture as an Agent of Change


Please join us for the 17th Annual Roland Batten Memorial Lecture next Tuesday, October 25th at 6pm for this annual talk given by Beverly Eichenlaub.


Beverly spent two years in residence at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, conducting design research and making work in direct response to the extreme condition of the built environment in the greater Detroit area.  The research and work explores the cultural construct of value related to land, land use and material, focusing on a heavily depopulated residential area of Pontiac, Michigan. The resultant body of work engages architecture as an activist platform upon which to investigate and illuminate the condition of the built environment, to provide an alternative perspective on place as a catalyst for change.

Beverly will present a survey of her studies, installations, and proposals as well as a select sampling of work by other architects and designers working in the Detroit area who, in their own ways, are engaging with the soul-searching question of what it means to be an architect in a community of distress.

Beverly Eichenlaub is a principal at Premises Architecture PLLC in Plattsburgh, New York, with professional design and teaching experience in architecture, urban design, interiors and experiential graphics. She is an engaged activist, addressing issues including land use and community identity via curatorial and installation work. Beverly holds a post-professional Master of Architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati.

The Roland Batten Lecture series was created in memory of our friend and colleague, architect Roland Batten, who passed away in 1999.  This event is sponsored by the Roland Batten Memorial Fund, TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design, and the University of Vermont’s Department of Art and Art History.



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