A+D Community,

On behalf of the A+D Film Series team in Burlington and Brattleboro, we hope this finds you well and would like to extend our thanks to everyone for your continued support.

This week marks our final screening of Season 7 with Design Canada, and though we are unable to enjoy this together in traditional fashion, we’re grateful for the opportunity to offer this finale as a Screen from Home event.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and the overwhelming gratitude we have received in response to the Screen from Home option!

A special thanks to Jessica Edwards and the team at Film First for being flexible and making this possible to our audience via the web.

***Also, if you’re looking for an additional creative boost, Gary Hustwit is offering free viewings of all his films during the Covid-19 crisis, visit his website HERE to learn more. In cased you missed them, Urbanized was our very first film of Season 1, Objectified was featured in Season 2, and Rams this past November in Season 7 – enjoy!

Thank you again and we hope you enjoy the film(s)!

Lynda McIntyre, Karen Frost, Jim Williams & Andrew Chardain



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