LECTURE | Michael Wisniewski, AIA

2014_Roland Batten PosterWe’re excited to spread the word about the 15th annual Roland Batten Lecture on Architecture and Design. This event is sponsored by the Roland Batten Memorial Fund, TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design, the UVM Visiting Artists Lecture Series and hosted by UVM.

A CLEAN, WELL-LIGHTED PLACE: Our Adventures In Architecture For The Not So Priveleged will be presented by local architect Michael Wisniewski, AIA, of Duncan Wisniewski Architecture in Burlington, VT.  About the lecture:

Page through the history of architecture and you will be thrilled and dazzled by public structures and spaces as well as palatial mansions for the privileged and powerful but you won’t find much about housing for regular people.

After a brief look at multifamily housing in recent history, we will tour a series of exceedingly modest buildings and neighborhoods completed or on the drawing boards. We will explore the economic and permitting forces that shape and constrain design in the non-profit world. We have slowly learned some things but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot of angst over not being able to do more.

The title is taken from a short story by Ernest Hemingway.

LECTURE | James Cutler, FAIA

James Cutler FlyerWe’re excited to spread the word about this year’s Doug Crowell Lecture organized by the Vermont Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and hosted by BCA:

Searching For True will be presented by James Cutler, FAIA, a principal of Cutler Anderson Architects based out of Washington state. From their website:

Since its founding in 1977, Cutler Anderson Architects has evolved to understand that the ultimate objective of any architectural design is to reveal what is true about all of the circumstances of a project. From place to program, from materials to shape, all components need to be understood and designed into a harmonious whole that reveals each component’s nature. This genuinely rigorous task has been both the focus and the intellectual stimulant of our practice and it is hoped will continue to be our passion in the future. Our ultimate goal on every project is to produce projects that are not only beautiful but also emotionally enlightening.

Thank You!


Thank You!

We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone for supporting the Architecture and Design Film Series! Since last fall this event has reached out to over 700 people ranging from interested community members to design professionals through the showings of beautiful films, engaging exhibits and thoughtful discussions. We welcome any suggestions you may have as we plan the second installment this summer and look forward to seeing you at the first film this September.

All the best,

Andrew Chardain
Lynda McIntyre
Karen Frost

Discussion – EAMES: The Architect & the Painter

Imagine if you had saved every laundry list of the days thoughts scribbled on the back of your receipts, or those loopy directions you sketched up on the back of your napkin at Sunday brunch – and never threw any of them away? We all might have an attachment to material ‘things’, but it’s this relationship to the ‘ideas’ of these things and the uncovering of their essence that reveal themselves on these crude and honest scribblings. Sometimes it’s the quick jot of an inspiration, an observation, a critique, or a revelation that may one day become the seed for a project or vision at some time that’s not then and there, a future blossom. Or maybe not?

As a hoarder of these little scribbles, I tuck them away but keep them close. Then I hide them again. Why? Though my shopping list of filone de renella (bread), prosciutto (meat) and formaggio acidino (cheese) may be of little importance upon my next viewing years down the road, it’s the warehouse of memories that flood my mind and take me down those narrowing streets to the morning’s market to buy fresh; it’s the uneven cobblestones tweaking my ankles that focus my sight on their beautiful moire; and it’s the beautiful rivers edge overlooking the Janiculum hill where I enjoyed that sandwich that later inspired a favorite painting. This is why I keep them – they awaken past experiences that inspire today’s wanderings. They become a time capsule for who I was to who I am now. And not to throw that shopping list under the bus, but I haven’t made a shopping list identical to that for years.. time to go back to Italy.

Do you keep your thoughts?

A Trio of Extras!

We are excited for the upcoming screening, Eames: The Architect and the Painter, next Tuesday as this one delves into the incredibly vibrant story of the husband-and-wife team that are widely regarded as America’s most important designers.

In addition to the scheduled film, we are thrilled to announce that during the reception from 6-6:30 we will be rolling the Eames’ short film ‘Powers of Ten’, a documentary written by the couple in 1968 that will “take us on an adventure of all magnitudes” from the outer edges of the universe to the inside of our very own DNA. A must see for all!


Accompanying the short documentary will be the iconic Eames Lounge Chair, circa 1956 Herman Miller. A special thanks goes out to James Kathary and his business modern*love for offering to display this beautiful piece. Be sure to check out James’ website HERE where they specialize in “Exceptional midcentury, Danish and designer modern furniture, art, lighting and decor”.  For the serious collectors out there, this chair is a first production type, Series 1 from the collection of Matthew Strauss and was purchased from the collection of world renowned “Futurist Designer”, Syd Mead.

And last but not least, we are excited to welcome Ross Atwood, the great-grandson of the Eames’ who shared some thoughts on Charles and Ray in a 2010 article in the Seven Days HERE that they “believed you’ve got to learn technique and not just become familiar with it but really have it sink in. That’s one of the main things that made them so great”.

And this is one of the great themes explored in this month’s film that delves into this duality between their personal and working lives, with emphasis on their attention to detail and really understanding the nature of how their spaces and products perform and would ultimately influence and change the world of design.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Discussion – Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

“It’s all about honesty”

Last night’s film opened with this quintessential quote from Maya Lin when speaking about her work. In a country where diversity, equality and self expression are celebrated hallmarks of our freedom, it is in our nature as individuals that from time to time our differences may come to a head in our own personal searches for inner reflection, remembrance, and truth. It is Maya Lin’s ability to peel away these layers of differences through her recognition and sensibility of the truth that places us face to face with the essence of our existence at that very place and time.

Perhaps it is this achievement of purity and clarity that can truly be attributed to Maya Lin’s ability to seek this honesty throughout the entire process of her work?

One of the interesting questions that someone brought up during the discussion last night was if they revealed the entrants at the jury of the Vietnam Memorial, if we strip away the prejudice, if we put aside our differences of race and gender, if we were honest about our reality, would we have the memorial that we see today?

What do you think?

Once again, thanks to everyone who came to the event and we look forward to seeing you at the next screening, Eames: The Architect and the Painter, on November 12th.

What’s on YOUR mind?

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the first screening, Urbanized, back in September!  What an amazing kickoff it was – over 80 people joined us for what proved to be a fun and thought provoking evening.  We can’t emphasize enough how much your support, enthusiasm and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so thanks again.

The vision of this blog is to continue the conversation about architecture and design alongside the events; a place to share your thoughts, opinions, feedback, or whatever is on your mind with the community. We look forward to your comments, and if you’re interested in contributing a post, please contact us directly at adfilmseries@gmail.com

Be sure to check out the lineup of screenings on our Films page, and please visit our Sponsors who have been instrumental in bringing this film series to fruition.

Also, thanks to Seven Days for their writeup about the series in the September 25th issue. If you haven’t seen it you can check it out on their website by clicking HERE.

We hope that you can make it to our next screening, Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, on Tuesday October 15th. Join us at 6:00pm for free pizza from American Flatbread and cash bar from the Radio Bean, 6:30 showing, and discussion to follow.

Now that we’ve got the intro post under our belts, let the conversations begin!