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The essence of design lies in its profound ability to affect how we think about and experience the world.

The Architecture & Design Film Series engages, provokes and inspires the community by exploring the impact and importance of design and beauty in our lives.

We invite you to watch these films in hopes that these creative offerings will broaden awareness, foster connections, spark new ideas, and ultimately build momentum towards positive action.

Free SCREEN FROM HOME events once a month are scheduled for ALL eight films, available for viewing Wednesday – Friday September 2021 through April 2022.

Films will be released for a 3-day viewing window each month, see our films page for a complete listing of screenings, dates, and information. Visit our homepage for screening access each month.

Please be sure to visit our sponsors who make this film series possible.

Interested in making an individual contribution to help support the A+D Film Series? Visit our sponsors page for information.

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  1. I enjoy the series immensely and look forward to it each year and month. I have been attending since the very beginning. I always learn much about topics I generally knew very little about. And thank you so much for the food that is available – a real treat. It adds to the community sense. The move to Contois is wonderful because of the space and the increased ability to see without heads and pillars in the way. This series is one of the great benefits of living Burlington. It adds to the vibrancy of our local culture.

    I have a couple suggestions to consider for next year’s film line-up, assuming there are films available on these topics. I would love to see a film about tromp l’oell and also one about the current trend in painting murals on buildings. I think a film on building murals would be of great interest to everyone because we now have numerous ones in Burlington. I appreciated the inclusion of the film on Matisse this year and would like to see the series feature one film on a visual artist each year.

    Thanks for all you do to make the series happen.

    • Marilyn,
      Thank you for the thoughtful feedback and suggestions, it inspires us as we continue our search for Season IV’s
      films. Yes, American Flatbread has been a steadfast and generous sponsor from the beginning, and we are very grateful. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to us at the next film, it would be wonderful to speak with you.
      Best ,
      Karen, Lynda, and Andrew

  2. Like many in Burlington’s design community, I work here but live a fair distance away. I’ve enjoyed the films I’ve seen, but after experiencing a few I’ve more often made the decision to skip them, because they never start anywhere near on time and end up running way too late.
    Andrew PLEASE start the films on time. Start your opening remarks at exactly 6:30, and practice them ahead so that they don’t take more than 2 minutes max. We’ve been staring at the sponsors screen for 20 minutes – you don’t need to read them to us! We don’t need your take on the movie – we’re here to see the movie. Keep ALL speakers for the end, so that those who don’t wish to sit through them can just see the films and go home.
    All of the people I’ve gone to see these with have said the same things: false advertising about the start time, captive audience for boring speakers, etc. We just want to see the films and go home and feed our dogs.

  3. Hi Peter. Please keep in mind this is a free showing. Sometimes the introduction is necessary in order to keep it free and a short overview of the film is nice for those of us that don’t watch the trailers. Knowing that the speakers start around 6:30 and the film times do vary, plan on around 8:00 as an end time. I would suggest that you take care of your pets before attending the film as we do and/or show up a little later and grab a seat on the balcony if you would like to skip the introduction speakers.


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